Friday, January 7, 2011

People Over Profit.

Capitalism is a system of winners and losers. Such an economic system inherently creates an unequal distribution of wealth and promotes profit and limitless consumption. Money and greed make people blind to the world around them. Large companies the size of small countries have no concept of the effects their economic activity has on the local scale, and if they do, they don’t care to stop and think about how or why.

Externalities, subsidies, free trade, expanding markets, tax breaks, and so it goes. Globalization and the inescapable free market dogma is increasingly making our planet into one big homogenized market, devoid of culture and individuality and values. Only accumulation of wealth and consumption are valued by this worldview. Priorities are out of wack. Things are too big. We are losing touch with the earth that is our only home, the source of our livelihood.

People are lost with their noses buried in telescreens and personal data assistants. Some are worrying about what ‘apps’ to get for their iphones, while others are filling out one JOB application after another. We have lost touch with our food system and we do not take the time to sit and enjoy the company of others with a good meal. Profit trumps happiness because profit is seen as the path to happiness. Justice is not observed.

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